Mission statement “The Living Street Foundation”

We want to help every streetmaker* across the world to set up their Living Street and so helping his or her city to become a Living Street City!


Living Streets are a catalyst for social innovation at the neighborhood and city level. Nowadays, cities worldwide face many social and environmental challenges.

These same cities are potential hotspots for social innovation, where local authorities, entrepreneurs and residents work together to shape the city and solve complex issues they are faced with. These people  find creative solutions and challenge one another by thinking, acting and learning together. Living Streets tap into that creative social potential and put co-creation into practice.

Each Living Street combine the energy and the creativity of people and becomes a small but rewarding step towards a more sustainable, lively, enjoyable and colourful city.


*Are you a streetmaker? Everyone can be a streetmaker:

Citizens can can visualize the future by creating their dream street. Civil servants can tap into the creativity of the citizens and their expertise can support them. Politicians can give energy to innovative ideas just by ‘not making these ideas impossible’, and entrepreneurs can see Living Streets as a real social laboratory to test new ideas.